How to use Newton?

How do I get Signing credentials to start using Newton?
Click on ‘Get Started’, choose a plan and once the payment is done, you will receive the login credentials on the email provided.
Can I integrate the ChatGPTs built with Newton into my existing applications or platforms?
Absolutely! Newton is designed for seamless integration. You can easily incorporate the ChatGPTs you create into your websites, applications, or other platforms. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth integration process, even for those without extensive technical expertise.
How can I monetize the ChatGPTs I create for businesses using Newton?
Monetizing your ChatGPT creations is easy with Newton. Once you’ve built a customized ChatGPT for a business, you can sell your services to them directly. Newton empowers entrepreneurs to turn their AI expertise into a profitable venture, making it an ideal tool for those looking to capitalize on the no-code AI landscape.
How does Newton ensure the privacy and security of customer data during ChatGPT training?
Newton prioritizes the privacy and security of customer data. We employ robust encryption standards and adhere to stringent data protection practices. Your data remains confidential and is used exclusively for training your custom ChatGPT, with no unauthorized access

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