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Boost Sales & Support: Create ChatGPT-Level Chatbots Aligned with Your Business Goals, Data and Expertise!

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10,000+ users


For Agency owners

Empower Businesses with Custom ChatGPTs – Your No-Code Business Revolution!
  • Create and sell customized ChatGPTs without coding.
  • Be the go-to AI expert for businesses in any industry.
  • Turn creativity into profit effortlessly.

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Train Chatbot on GPT4

All the tools you need

Easy to use

Made for everyone


Chatbots for your business

5 star

Response Accuracy


Data Privacy Protection


Supported data types

For Businesses

Transform Your Business Operations with Newton’s Custom GPTs – No Coding Required!
  • Boost customer support and streamline operations.
  • Stay competitive with Newton’s seamless business integration.
  • Create tailored AI solutions without extensive training.

For Personal Use

Unleash Your Study Power with Newton’s Personal ChatGPT!
  • Transform study materials into a personalized AI companion.
  • Instant, 24/7 research assistance without coding skills.
  • Elevate your learning experience effortlessly.

Your Personal Assistant

Get response in few Seconds

Accurate Answers

Accurate answers based on your books/research

Quick Research

Research anything/ read anything in just few clicks


Simple, transparent & cost efficient Pricing

Choose the right pricing plan for your business

For Startups

Explode your startup’s Operations with the help of AI



billed monthly

  • 10 AI Assistants
  • Limited Data Sources
  • 10,000 message credits/month
  • User access upto 5

For No-code businesses

Offer valid till 15th March only

Optimized plan to start your No-code AI businesses


for six months

billed every six months

  • Unlimited AI Assistants
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • 100 message credits, pay per usage
  • Multi-user access

For Business/Enterprises

Boost Sales, Support & Efficiency by A.I without any code


/ month

billed monthly

  • Unlimited Assistants
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • 30,000 message credits/month
  • Multi-user access

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